Pay-per-click (PPC) for SaaS Companies

Getting more users is the first roadblock that SaaS companies come to after you’ve launched your product.

  • How will you get your first customers?
  • How can you keep a steady flow of new customers coming in?
  • What’s the value proposition that customers are responding to most?

These questions are the tip of the iceberg as you begin to acquire more customers. Start building a pay-per-click program for your SaaS company that helps you answer those questions and gain traction.

What are the Components of Successful Pay-per-click Program for My SaaS Companies?

Lead Generation: Getting your product in front of new customers is your first concern. Through generating leads from content offers and free trial offers, you’ll be able to gain traction as soon as you get product-market fit. PPC helps you get leads quickly and is a key component is leveling up your marketing program for your SaaS company.

Retargeting: Bringing both previous customers and free trialists back is important. Not everyone responds to emails and utilizing retargeting through search, display, & social ad networks ensures you are getting people into your product.

PPC for SaaS Companies is just one of the many components that make up these complicated marketing programs. Find out how to plug in paid media into your team’s acquisition & retention strategy and you’ll increase lifetime value LTV and lower cost per customer (CAC)–making everyone happy.

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