Facebook Advertising Services

Advertising through Facebook has become the primary paid media channel for most businesses in the past 18 months. It’s no longer a test channel or test campaign. If you don’t leverage it, you’re going to get beaten by your competitors who do.

Facebook advertising can help you drive sales through direct response, generate leads, & nurture your customers through content promotion.

What are the Components of Successful Facebook Advertising?

Lead Generation: Driving email leads is the core component of most Facebook Ad accounts. Through lookalike audiences & custom audiences, reaching the right customers is more accessible than ever, with a CPL (cost per lead) that rivals all other channels.

Retargeting: Retargeting can be done through third-party services like AdRoll & Perfect Audience, but retargeting through the platform is a high-ROI channel becomes really powerful as you dig deeper into who your customers are and how they buy.

Direct Response: For eCommerce companies, DR (direct response) plays an important role in generating revenue. Pairing with retargeting, we can improve ROI with the right targeting through Facebook.

Content Promotion: Content distribution is an art. Since any publisher can now reach an enormous audience, engaging with the right audience is incredibly valuable when looking to activate your community.

Video Engagement: With online video now becoming a core method of delivering content, cmpanies are building their brand based purely through video. If video is a core component of your marketing program right now, you can turn it up with smart use of video in your paid media plan.

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