eCommerce Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising Services

Pay-per-click advertising for eCommerce companies is as competitive as any business model, largely due to the nature of purchasing of your customers. Comparison shopping, having multiple devices open (not just multiple windows and tabs!), & more seller networks than any other model make having a quality PPC program all the more important.

What are the Important Components of a Successful eCommerce Pay-per-click Program?

Retargeting: Bringing past & potential customers back to your site when they’re likely to buy. Retargeting through Google Display Network, Facebook, Twitter, & and other networks (depending on your industry) are all core components of successful PPC programs.

Lead Generation: If you’re trying to sell without giving away any value, you’re probably too late. Since customers respond well to brands with a human touch, a unique voice, and providers of an actual customer experience, you will need to generate leads that you can build a real relationship with.

Content Promotion: Content is a cornerstone of most eCommerce marketing programs. With the extensive targeting capabilities of Facebook, getting your content in front of past & potential customers help them connect with your brand and inform them to be better customers.

Direct Selling: Finally. Direct response advertising is still effective, especially when you have a strong brand to back it up. Selling directly through product ads on Google Shopping & Bing Shopping are cost-effective and can be the source of a competitive advantage if you out-perform your competitors.

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